Friday, May 13, 2011

Two in the morning

I don't know what to write. Considering how long I have been on the Internet, it's interesting to me that this is the first blog post I have ever composed. I don't consider myself much of a writer. For one thing, I don't often have much to say. I'm an information accumulator. I hoard information.I treasure it. Those who want me to give some of it up--to give away the knowledge that's mine, my precious--they had better be prepared for a tide of consciousness. Make sense of it later. They're lucky I even bother to form sentences, instead of just spewing out random syllables and glaring at them for not getting it.

As part of the Google Summer of Code, I'm expected to blog semi-regularly. I think that's a good thing. Now I have to write; I'm looking forward to that. I need to be better at written communication. It's like anything, in that the more often you do it, the better at it you'll be. Too much of my time has been spent writing things meant only for the compiler. I've stopped writing for humans, and my writing has fogged up. Clarity used to come easily, and now I have to labor for it. Writing hurts, like exercise. But I need to do it more.

As part of the PySoy project, I'll be working on support for mesh morphs. I'm expecting to learn a lot about 3D rendering. But I'm expecting to learn more about people. How to function independently in a wider organization. How to build consensus and get things done. That's going to be the real benefit I get out my summer.

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